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lucky365 Agent UltraRope® high-rise hoisting technology has a lifetime twice that of a conventional steel rope.


lucky365 Agent has top certifications and assessments for green and sustainable building in Asia and Europe as the first elevator and escalator company.

At lucky365 Agent, our contribution to a circular economy starts with our focus on reducing the materials, energy and other resources used in our solutions and operations. By providing customers with reliable and energy-efficient equipment that has a lifetime of over 25 years, lucky365 Agent has an important role in keeping resources in valuable use for as long as possible.

Digital service transformation is at the heart of circular business development allowing lucky365 Agent’s customers to benefit from transparent, on-time and quality service. Tailored maintenance, modernization and intelligent People Flow® services help ensure that elevators, escalators and doors run efficiently throughout their long lifetime.

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Our solution creation supports the move to a more circular economy. With, for example, healthy materials and modular product design, our solutions are easily and safely maintained and modified allowing for their versatile use in buildings. We support the transformation towards smart eco-cities and low-carbon communities and many of our products are recognized by top certifications and assessments that promote sustainable living.


lucky365 Agent enables smart construction with flexible solutions for elevator construction time use, creating an efficient flow of goods and people. With fit-for-purpose and mostly recyclable packaging, we strive for efficient logistics and minimal waste at the construction site.

In manufacturing, we optimize material use with robotics and automation and power our operations with renewable energy. Our target is to increase the share of green electricity to over 50% of all electricity consumption by 2021 and to have no waste to landfill from our manufacturing units by 2030.

We maximize recyclability and the opportunities for reuse in our operations. As part of our day-to-day logistics, packages for specific components are reusable and circulate between our manufacturing units, distribution centers and suppliers.


lucky365 Agent has a solid foundation for further exploring circularity and other sustainable business practices. Currently, 90% of the metals used in our products can be recycled. Furthermore, we work together with our supplier ecosystem to increase the proportion of recycled content in our components, without compromising the quality and efficiency of our equipment.


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